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CANNABIS & HEMP CBD Business Solutions

Stratacann is a consulting, wholesale and retail products company serving licensed cannabis and Hemp CBD markets

& Operators

Learn more about Stratacann’s strategy, business development, consulting, and award winning license services.

Buyers & Retailers

Stratacann offers licensed THC and Hemp CBD wholesale raw materials and an array of Hemp CBD products through its retail lines TIKKI™ and JAYA™. All products are nationally certified and the purest hemp-derived CBD products available on the market.


Looking to enter the cannabis space? Stratacann connects investors to investment opportunities nationwide.

Meet Stratacann’s
Award-Winning Team

Owner/Director and cannabis veteran Deborah Brewer is a co-founder of 3 medical marijuana and adult use licenses in Massachusetts. Since 2013, she has brought her knowledge and trusted team to applicants looking to win licenses nationwide, and to cannabis companies looking for better strategies to promote growth.

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Keeping You Informed

Stratacann’s team is acutely tuned to THC and CBD
markets. Through our blog and other communications, we are committed to keeping our clients up-to-date with the latest information from state and federal decision-makers.

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Stratacann is ready to help. End-to-end, Stratacann has an industry-leading solution for each component of your cannabis project or product procurement need.

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